Some of you may think that I am recounting too many details; and you would be correct, however the reason I am doing this is to relate to the reader that leaving a cult is a process. That process may take weeks, months or even years, because when someone leaves a cult, they are not just leaving a way they worship and believe they involuntarily will have to leave a community of friends and family who will not speak or have anything to do with them as long as they remain outside of that community. They are marked as Apostates. In addition there is also a major reason and that is dealing with a mind set, which I will deal at length in subsequent blogs.  Getting back to my story, as I mentioned earlier it began with and add in the newspaper, and the day I met 2 people that would be instrumental in my search for truth. So I drove to Irvine, finally knocked on the door, and was greeted by Heidi and Steve Ignatius, they were welcoming, pleasant and to say the least very much surprised that as one of Jehovah’s Witness would show up at their door with questions about their religion, and an elder to boot. I began to explain to them what I was looking for. In effect I really had no idea what I would find, or what information would make me change my mind about being a Witness. I probably rambled something like, I was intrigued by your add, and was wondering if you could explain to me what you meant by “The Watchtower not telling the truth?”.  I asked about their faith and they told me they attended Calvary Chapel and were born again Christians. Steve also told me that he had studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses and had come close to being baptized. The conversation turned to the writing and history of the organization. They said that C.T. Russell, the first president of the Watchtower Society wrote extensively, and that his writings were based on questionable teachings, teachings that relates to the teachings of the occult, such as what the Pyramids represented in the occult teachings, and how Russell was so taken by these teachings that he calculated the inner chambers of the Pyramids and then used those figures to determine the coming of Armageddon translating inches to years. Russell even called one of the pyramids “God’s stone witness”. This was all news to me, information I had never heard about Russell, and needless to say I needed to know. I asked if I could borrow the books so that I could read the information for myself about the early writings of the organization I now trusted as God’s prophet for our day. They gladly complied. So they loaded me up with a whole bunch of Russell’s books and agreed to meet again to discuss what I had discovered in these publications.


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