So 1975 came and went and nothing happened, what I mean we were still here and no Armageddon. Many other things did happen, during these years that is from 1969 to 1975 the Watchtower experienced incredible growth, the statistics printed by the Watchtower in their magazine brought this to our attention. The numbers were staggering. People responded to the urgent message spread by us, “there is no time to waste, you need to become a Witness now or you will not make it through the great tribulation. However this failed prophecy did not dampen mine or  Annette’s faith in the Organization, we continued to serve, again, putting the blame on ourselves, we may have seen and expected more than the Organization had intended to tell us. After all they told us so. It’s  1976 we’re still living in Bethpage NY, and in July our youngest son Paul was born, from a family standpoint not everything was going well. We were experiencing problems with our older sons Marc who was 17 and Domenic who was 15, even though they attended meetings, we made them come,  they began to show signs of not wanting any part of the Watchtower Org. in addition they were getting in trouble in school and had began to associate with some troubling kids. Annette and I felt that the best way to handle this would be to move out of the area, cut those ties. So we decided to move upstate NY in the Oneonta area. Marc remained behind and refused to move upstate. Dom was still 15 and had no choice. Eventually Marc also moved up got a job and seamed to settle down living in the country they still refused to come to meetings or participate in any activities in connection with the Kingdom Hall. We associated with the Oneonta Cong. And again I was appointed to serve as an elder. Life was a lot calmer for all of us, and the boys stayed out of trouble being of age Annette and I had decided we would not force them to attend or be part of the cong. After we had lived upstate for 2 years we came to conclusion that the long cold winters were not good for Annette. There were 2 families that we were very close to, who had moved to Ca. who continued to entice us to move there, telling us that the warm southern Ca. weather would be good for Annette. SO in 1978 we moved to Garden Grove Ca. and began to associate with the Garden Grove Cong. Of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There also I was appointed an elder in the cong. and began to faithfully serve in that position as the Theocratic Ministry servant. In additions I also was assigned to preach the Sunday talk (sermon) when invited by the neighboring congregations.

The 70’s Part 7

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