Up until now,  I have narrated however briefly,  about my experiences on being a Jehovah’s Witness. My initial indoctrination,  my faithful service to the Organization, and my various positions of responsibility. I was initially appointed a Ministerial Servant, later on and for 20 years Elder, and while an Elder the Watchtower Society asked my help in caring for the Italian Speaking Cong. As a Temporary Circuit Overseer, in the NY Area.  I also served on Judicial committees, appeals committees and Building committees. As An appointed Elder at the Kingdom Hall where I served, my responsibility was to care for the Theocratic Ministry School, which I did for many years. The school which is held weekly is where most witnesses learn how to give a 2 to 5 minute sermon at the door or how to place a magazine or book, or how to start a Bible study.  I was also assigned to speak on certain Sundays not only at the KH. I served in, but also would be a guest speaker at other cong. in our circuit. I enumerate these various responsibilities not to boast, but to let the reader know that I was an active witness, right until I and my wife Disassociated following a judicial meeting facing 5 elders. Having moved from NY to Ca. we had friends from coast to coast, friends who loved us and respected us, but following our letter of disassociation we were shunned and treated as they had never known us. Even Annette’s mom who continued to be a witness did not speak to us for 10 years. More on that particular situation later on.  At this point some of you may ask, what happened? What was the catalyst, the events, the reason that took you and your wife out of the Watchtower?  The answer is not a simple one, there are different parts to the events that would precede our exit. However before I go into any further,  I want to let you know where Annette stood as a witness.  Annette came to the US like I did also in 1954, welcoming her was her mother who had come to the US 7 years earlier having married a GI in Italy. By this time Annette’s mom had converted to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion and was attending the local KH. Regularly. Soon she confronted Annette about her Catholic faith and told her in no uncertain terms that from that time on she would not practice her Catholic faith, and would have to attend the meetings and learn to be a Jehovah’s Witness, which she obediently did. As I mentioned earlier we married in 1957 and I also began to attend and become part of the local congregation. Annette was a very faithful and committed Witness. Her faithfulness was demonstrated several times when various tests came her way.  In 1965 we had a serious car accident, Annette suffered a crushed pelvis and was hospitalized for several weeks,  Even under pressure from the doctors she refused any type of blood transfusion. IN 1981 she would need a total hip replacement, and at that time also she would sign papers refusing blood even if it meant dying. She would go on to also refuse blood when a second surgery was done in 1991. So you can see that she was a faithful Witness ready to die than violate a Watchtower law which prohibits the taking of blood under any circumstance, Her faith was tested over and over, and each time there was no hesitation on her part where she stood, even under pressure from the doctors.

to be continued

Looking for God in all the wrong places

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