How does the Watchtower keep tabs on all of their followers? By making sure that each person in the KH (Kingdom Hall) is faithfully reporting to the Elders all of their activities every week. Some of you may say, are you serious? Yes, let me explain how all this takes place. Big  brother,  the local elders, keep a close eye on each member of the congregation, you ask how? This is how it all comes together and how they are able to follow your every move. It begins with, weekly meetings attendance, that is a big one, did they miss one or more? did they attend and  participate in the weekly Bible study, which is really a book study?  Were they present for the Watchtower study and did they participate in? Were they active in their door to door work? Were they conducting at least 1 Bible study? All of these activities are expected and required of every witness, if they wanted to be considered in “good standing”.  But how would they know if someone was not active in doing any of these? the answer is,  If someone did not turn in a report for several weeks, or did not attend meetings for several weeks, they would most certainly get a visit from the local elders who would be there to see what the problem was, what could they do to help, to get them back to the door to door service and the meetings, and perhaps even invite him or her to go out with them from door to door the following Sat. Let me explain, each week every witness is required to turn in a report of their activities. They would do this by filling out a “Publisher’s Weekly Field Service Report” slip at the very top you would write your name, and the month. You would then proceed  to write in the boxes how many hours you spent going from door to door, how many books and magazines you placed,  how many Bible studies you conducted and how many back calls you had made that week. We had to do that each week. In turn all of those slips were then turned in and the Field Service Servant was to collate and report the total to the Watchtower, as well as transpose those stats on your individual Publisher’s Record Card which was kept in a safe place at the KH.  You have to understand that Witnesses do not have a Service, as we understand a Service to be,  that is held in a church, their Service is going from door to door,  that is what they call, their Sacred Service to God.  When Witnesses meet at the KH  Is primarily to either study the Watchtower lesson, or hear a lecture they call a talk, not a sermon, or be part of an ongoing school that teaches them how to present literature at the door. It’s a Kingdom Hall not a Church. The Watchtower literature is always the ultimate goal, leave a magazine or a book or a flyer that promotes the Watchtower as the only organization that in these last days speaks for God, and has the only Good News for mankind.  Later on I will outline what is the Watchtower Good News, and how they have applied  to themselves the  identification of  “the faithful and discreet slave” class of Mat. 24:45 “ Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom the master appointed over all his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?” so based on that interpretation they alone are responsible for dispensing the true spiritual food in our time, through the pages of the Watchtower in essence they are Jehovah’s mouth piece, his modern day prophet.

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Big brother is watching every move

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