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That is the reason my website is called Love  For The Truth, it is simple, either you believe what Jesus said as outlined in the Gospels, or you believe what some, claiming divine revelation interpret what Jesus meant to say . Something I learned later in life is that when you read the Bible the first principle is “it means what it says” naturally there are portions of Scripture that deal with Prophesy.

First and foremost let me say that this site is for anyone, but especially for Jehovah’ Witnesses who may have doubts or questions about the organization and afraid to ask their elders  or someone who have left the Organization and need to talk to someone, many people do not understand how traumatic  it is to leave that organization. You are not just  leaving a religion, you are leaving a community of friend you have known all your life and family, it may be your mate, your parents or even your children  because you will be shunned. This site may also be for someone who wants to know more about who Jehovah’s Witness are. When did this Religion begin, what is the origin of their believes, and what is the foundation they stand on. Their  teachings  on Jesus, The Bible, the  Holy spirit, Prophesy, The end times,  why they will not serve in the military, salute the flag or Pledge of Allegiance or vote and more.

Additionally I want to make sure the reader understands  that I am doing this out of love for Jehovah’ Witness, they are people who love God, and I believe God loves them also, they  want to tell others what they have learned by going from door to door, and have sacrificed their time money and resources to accomplish they ministry, believing wholeheartedly, what the Watchtower teach through their publications.  They strive to be honest and fair in their dealings and want to give a good example of what their lives are about.

What qualifies me to speak about this subject?  I have been associated with the Watchtower org. for many years, actually since 1957 when there were only about 500,000 witness world wide, and began attending meetings at a Kingdom Hall on Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn NY.  It was up over a pet store and in the summer it did not smell too pleasant . Eventually that Cong split and half of those attending were to attend the new formed cong. That was to meet at a new site, on  Gravesend Neck Road KH. Also in Brooklyn NY.  My initial contact with the Witness was the result of meeting a young beautiful girl who  was Italian and also a witness. The condition was, if you want to spend time with me, you have to come to the meetings, and I did. I will say more about my years spent as a witness, and will outline the good times and the difficult ones.

In time I will outline the evolution of this religion that began back in the 1800 and was called for many years, or at least until C.T. Russell died, the “Watchtower and Herald of Christ Presence”  their believers were called “Bible Students” ,  later on, their name changed “The Watchtower” , and the members called “Jehovah’ Witness”. We will outline the reasons for the change, who decided on the changes and why?

I want to make sure that the information I will quote  to make the point will be from their own publications, I hold a vast library of Books and publications going back many, many years, included  in that is the works of Pastor Russell, Studies in The Scriptures and the writings of Rutherford.

As I mentioned earlier this site if for those who want to know about the Watchtower Org. What do they teach?  are they truly following Jesus’ teachings? Are they Jesus’ disciples as outlined in John 8:31 and do they have the courage to put their religion to the test.  I close with this quote from the Apostle Paul in 2nd Cor. 13:5

Keep testing  whether  you are in the faith, keep proving what you yourselves are. Or do you not recognize that Jesus Christ is in Union with you? Unless  you are disapproved.” (NWT)